Southern boy meets city girl. Talking faith, family, business and everything in between.

It's really funny how these things come about. I'll never forget the

moment Chris looked at me and said, "We should take these couch conversations to a podcast." He may have been joking but when I said, "Let's do it!" I was all in.

So here we are. We are taking our random evening couch conversations and sharing them openly with you. And together, we hope to give couples the tools to grow confidently together in life & biz.


EPISODE 9 : Expand Your Business Using Facebook Groups

Are you tapped out of your warm market when it comes to sharing your product, service, or opportunity? Where can you tap into a new community of people to build relationships and share what you have to offer? Build one with Facebook groups!

Whitney has effectively been able to grow several groups well over 10K - 20K+ members. In this podcast she shares exactly how she's grown her business building Facebook groups.

EPISODE 8 : Becoming Dad

So what are some of the preconceived notions men have before having children? And what are some of the things friends tell men they have to prepare for? In this episode we dive deep into what those expectations are vs. the reality of life once baby arrives.

Are the expectations men have real or not? Listen in while Whitney asks Chris all the things about becoming a dad. Expectations vs. reality.

EPISODE 7 : How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

Working from home is no easy task. It takes commitment, dedication, and relentless pursuit for your goals. I've been doing it for over 12 years and share with you my 8 tips for achieving your highest production when working from home.

EPISODE 6: The Parents

Metting the significant other's parents for the first time when you are in the dating stage can be so awkward, right? Or not? Well, Chris and I have a completely untraditional story of how both of us met the parents and we're sharing it all.

EPISODE 5: Goal Setting

Are you someone that has ever felt or currently is dealing with some form of spiritual entity? Chris and I share with you our experience with what we call "Ghosty" and how he, she, it, or whatever has entered our lives before we even moved into our new home. Thinking about it just gives me chills.

EPISODE 4: Goal Setting

Have you ever set a goal only to find out you are falling short or constantly having to change the date? We share with you our 5 fundamental must-have's to have in place in order for you to set and achieve your goals. This is one thing we master and we're sharing with you exactly how we do it!

EPISODE 3: Corona

This whole experience has been life-changing. We share with you how we have been dealing with our new norm, the effects all these new changes have had on our family, and each of us individually. We're talking all things quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and toilet paper hoarding.

EPISODE 2: Bumble To Baby

Have you ever been skeptical of dating apps? Us too! That was until we found each other on one of the most popular mobile dating apps today. We share the story of how we went from Bumble to engagement, building a home, planning a wedding, and then BABY, all within 2 years. Hold on to your britches because this is a wild ride!

EPISODE 1: Comfort Zones

What a better introduction to this podcast than talking comfort zones, right? Christopher and I both are jumping out of them to even do this whole vulnerable mic talk thing and it took a lot of stepping out of them to get us to this point. We share with you our experience with comfort zones, how we each took a leap of faith to jump out of them and the lessons we learned along the way.

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