Success Savvy Coaching

One-On-One Coaching with Whitney Kay


Feel like you’re juggling a million different ideas and instead of moving forward you are left stuck in a standstill? Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused today. Start feeling confident, productive, and focused. Finally, a personal business coaching program just for you.


Are you looking to break free of the barriers holding you back and begin working relentlessly in the pursuit of your true potential? 


My clients desire more. They’re courageous enough to do the work to make their dreams a reality.


Similarly, they are visionary women, leaders, and badass entrepreneurs working to elevate their influence in their industry to impact the world. 


They’re women who know their abilities and the power they hold within. They are ready to break free and breakthrough to the next level.


These women are just like you! Women who understand that growing a business isn’t just about the hustle. It's about a clear mindset, full-encompassing belief, and desire for more.


In short, if you're on the edge of a breakthrough - and you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the other side ... then you're right where you need to be.

So what is this exactly?

My Success Savvy Coaching Program puts you front and center so you can conquer your biggest productivity and business challenges ahead. 


I’m definitely not your typical business coach. I will push you into the path of your potential. Above all, we nurture your fears and I will guide you into effective leadership. I will support you stepping into the next-level business and life you desire.


Most importantly, it is my desire and passion to lead women, just like you, into the path of a fulfilling, successful, and profitable business and online presence.


I empower you to embrace higher levels of purpose, clarity, and courage, so you are able to elevate your impact within your industry and ultimately your income.


In short, I support you in healing the emotional patterns that have been kept you stuck, so you can claim the success you're meant for.


My coaching is expansive, personally tailored to you and the desires you have for personal and business growth. My process is to empower confidence and a sense of understanding. I don't do the work for you. Instead, I coach you on how to do it yourself so you are left confident knowing how to lead your business and team moving forward.

It’s uncomfortable at times because transformation doesn’t happen inside our comfort zone.


If you are finally ready to commit and do whatever it takes, then the
Success Savvy Coaching Program is for you!


How to get started…

1. Submit your application here:



2. Reserve your spot with a $50 commitment (non-refundable) consultation application fee.


3. Schedule your consultation call. After your application and deposit has been made I will contact you via email to schedule your consultation call and discuss the Savvy Coaching Program that best fits you.

*BONUS* – All applicants will receive my Savvy Branding Audit Workbook. A step-by-step guide to developing your standout brand and positioning yourself as a professional and polished online entrepreneur.