MoFam Trello Business Binder Template


You have all this information but no space to really keep it organized. From endless notebooks to photo chaos on your phone, you know there's got to be an easier way. Well, there is and it is already done for you. This Trello Business Binder Template is your missing piece. Stay organized with one of the most popular and user-friendly workspaces available today. Look to see what is included in the detailed description below. This template is both desktop and mobile-friendly, just download the Trello app!
All updates made to the workspace are included. Just make sure you save the template workspace. 

($150 value)

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  • 7 Business Systems
    • Onboarding Business Partners
    • Onboarding Customers
    • Personal Development
    • Core Rank
    • Recognition
    • Business Partner + Customer Acquisition
    • Business Partner Toolbox
  • Getting started instructions and videos
  • Goal Setting Space
  • Onboarding Tools
  • 20+ Scripts
  • Before/After Images
  • Go-to Social Media Accounts
  • Prospecting Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Customer Videos
  • Product Knowledge Videos
  • Monat Hair Care List
  • Monat Skincare List
  • Team Lists (Prospects, Customers, Market Partners)
  • Trello Tips & Tricks


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