Social Media

3 Steps To Gowing Your Network with Social Media

We spend hours a day in the scroll hole of social media newsfeeds. We like posts, comment on them, post ourselves, and even send messages one-on-one. Yet, the most common question I get is, “how do you build your network on social media?”

I know it seems easier said than done, however, it really is easy. I feel we overcomplicate what should be super simple and it stops us from ever really getting anything productive done. 

I share with you my 3 steps to growing your network with social media.


How To Batch Your Instagram Content

It goes without saying that Instagram has proved most useful influencers these days. It is how you show up on a consistent basis and gain the engagement of your following that matters most. No one wants to spend hours on end scrambling for content when they can be maximizing their time batching their content. I share with you my step-by-step system for batching your Instagram content and how you can start freeing up hours of your time.


How To Build Trust & Engage In Facebook Groups

Developing trust among the Facebook followers and developing a lineup of loyal ones certainly takes a bit of patience, as well as effort. So, what do you do? Below are a few tips you can start practicing right away in your personal Facebook Groups, and carry over the same practices in groups you are a member of.