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3 Steps To Gowing Your Network with Social Media

We spend hours a day in the scroll hole of social media newsfeeds. We like posts, comment on them, post ourselves, and even send messages one-on-one. Yet, the most common question I get is, “how do you build your network on social media?”

I know it seems easier said than done, however, it really is easy. I feel we overcomplicate what should be super simple and it stops us from ever really getting anything productive done. 

I share with you my 3 steps to growing your network with social media.


How Using Your Story Will Attract Your Prospects

How Using Your Story Will Attract Your Prospects

Everyone loves a good story. There’s a reason companies choose certain keynote speakers to stand on stage and share their experiences. It’s because their story resonates with people. It leaves a lasting impression, an imprint that awakens the soul.

When was the last time you heard someone get on stage and say,

“I have no clue how I got here? I jumped in yesterday and in one week I am a six-figure earner.”

Ummm, like never! And if you are hearing these kinds of stories, they are completely unrealistic. I call this the “hype method”.


Why Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog

You just started your business and you’re excited to share with the world your new product, service, and opportunity. There’s one problem … people are NOT engaging with network marketers the way they did 7 years ago. In fact, the whole network marketing on social platforms is somewhat daunting and oversaturated. However, hundreds and thousands […]


5 Tips For Starting A Blog As A Network Marketer

Blogging Keyboard and peach roses

Are you at the point in your business where you have reached out to everyone you know personally? You’re now trying to build and nurture relationships through social media channels and can’t find a way to do it without falling back to the spammy sales pitch?

Here are 5 tips to starting a blog as a network marketer.


10 Steps To Signing A New Team Member When Building Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Business

Creating processes in my business has allowed me to work smarter, not harder. One of the main processes I have set in place is a prospecting process. Not everyone is a right fit for my business and/or opportunity. It is sending them through a simple process like I am about to share with you that helps me filter my prospects.

So how can you start doing the same thing and start saving time in your business? With every prospect, start implementing this step-by-step process…


How To Constantly Improve Meaningful Connections with Your Customers


It’s so important now to find and improve meaningful connection with customers, to grab their attention and ultimately loyalty.

Customers will be constantly bombarded with options and more options.

However, if you do it right and have meaningful connections with them, they will not only come to you for advice or inspiration, but they will run to you to buy anything you sell as part of your way of serving them.

Not because you manipulated them into buying what you’re selling, but because they trust you that much, that they hardly question what you do anymore.

You should be trusted.

You should have this level of credibility that people trust you and don’t question your motivation other than helping them reach their goals.

That’s where you need to aim in laying the foundation for meaningful connection with your customers.


Attraction Marketing vs. Prospecting – Who’s Gunna To Win This Round?

Attraction Marketing Vs. Prospecting

Sometimes, I like to think of the business world as I would of sports; entertaining, yes, but highly competitive, too. Which is why I still wonder why anyone would be into any business just for the profit.Prospecting and Attraction Marketing are often mistaken, one for the other. But they are not the same. And, just in case, you’d like to know which of the two is better or more effective. The short answer is BOTH. Only that you’ve got to understand the rules of engagement; when to apply what, and how!


My Vibrant Hair Journey

My Vibrant Hair Journey - MONAT

I started my vibrant hair journey in 2016. I’ve always had this inner rebel and artistic side to me, I was just too afraid to express it.

So, I went for it and oh my goodness….. I really went for it! I jumped in and went full blown Jessica Rabbit RED.

Follow along and hear my journey with vibrant hair. I share with you the naturally-based premium haircare products that transformed my hair.