Hi Friend!


Who is this chick anyway? And why would you be interested in taking advice from her? I would be asking the same questions, too, so let me share a little more about me. I am a Christian, wife, mom, blogger, entrepreneur, and host of UNOMOSS Podcast.

I am originally from Cincinnati, OH, and now living in Dallas, TX. Most days, you'll find me in yoga pants, working from my bed or home office with Mr. Monroe by my side (my annoying yet loving golden doodle). Or playing country music and enjoying the outdoors with my handsome husband, Christopher.

He keeps me grounded and organized with all things business. Hop on over and listen to our podcast and get to know him a little more. If we want to get a bit more personal, I am a knower of many random things, a foodie, beach life obsessed, an avid napper.

We have an amazing 13-year-old son, Parker, and a beautiful newborn baby girl, Kaylie Kay. It was being a stay-at-home mom years ago that sparked my Entrepreneurial journey. Parker was born premature, and in the time I took off to care for him as a newborn, I realized I had no desire to go back to the corporate world. I never liked working for someone else's dreams, and it was time I started creating my own. This deep burning desire for what I didn't “want” fueled everything for me moving forward.

I specialize in brand development, design, network marketing, and social media. I have been developing businesses, selling products, and services online since 2007.

I struggled for 8 years of my life until I invested in myself, just like you are doing here. Once, I sought out mentors to help me LEVEL UP my skillset and success, is when it all started coming together. I have grown multiple six-figure businesses by leveraging social media, online platforms, and implementing the content and influencer methods I now coach today.

I work with female entrepreneurs, just like you, in finding their influence to develop their own personal brand and create successful online businesses. I equip them with the tools and training needed to build a sustainable and profitable online presence using proven online marketing strategies. In time, creating a lifestyle, they love.

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