Meet Monat

MONAT is an anti-aging dedicated company in the haircare, skincare, and wellness markets. All products are clinically proven, vegan, gluten-free, toxin-free, naturally sourced, and Leaping Bunny certified. 

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Not this time!

I was introduced to MONAT when starting my vibrant hair journey in 2016.

My stylist told me the only way I am going to be able to maintain this in a healthy way and prolong my color with this premier product line called MONAT.  

I figured it was any other salon brand shampoo recommeded by a professional. I never expect what would happen next …

The moment I got my hands on this line, I never turned back. 

In regards to hair care, MONAT makes the best shampoos, conditioners, and oil I've ever used. I've over-processed my hair more times than I can count. Because of that, this girl needed some high-end products that actually worked!

We're talking ANTI-AGING at it's finest with these products ladies!

Honestly, it's something you will have to try for yourself. That’s the best part. YOU CAN! You can try the products risk-free for 30-days, which is unheard of for many consumer products.

So what happened next?  

well, as someone who likes to maximize my efforts and income. That is why I like using products that offer benefits or perks when sharing it with others. Why not, right? Wouldn't you want to get referral perks for the things you love and use daily, right?  

When I found out MONAT was just another MLM, I was no interested. I said, “NO” to my stylist for over a year because I had already done the whole MLM thing and wasn't successful.

But, when she shared more of the details and showed me the success she was having, and shared the supportive girlfriend-like community that I was missing, I decided to jump right in. I bought my product pack and didn't look back.

Like me, you can do the same for as little as $199. MONAT will then send you anywhere from $300 – $1098 worth of amazing products for yourself to use. You will have access to all the tools and training to hit the ground running.

As a traditional business owner, this would have cost me thousands. Here’s the best part…  

– NO quotas
– NO inventory
– NO monthly order requirements

On social media?

Awesome! This takes social selling to a whole new level. And I am here to mentor and show you the way to do it. Check out how I have been sharing on my own account to get an example – @socialsavvyinfluencer

After 10 months of hard work, I qualified for a paid-for Cadillac, earned over 5 paid for vacations across the country and was able to bring in a 5 figure a month paycheck. I built a dream home and now feel a sense of security for my family.

The skills I was learning outweighed anything I had ever learned before. For the first time in my life, I found my purpose! This may not be for you, and if not, that is cool.

I think back to me saying, “no” to this and turning my head and cannot even imagine where my life would be today. MONAT allows me to stay home, care for my littles, and make a living doing what I love to do. And the most rewarding part … I get to impact other women's lives, just like YOU!

Are you a professional stylist?

Becoming a Market Partner with MONAT is truly one of the best things you can do for your business. I have many stylists and professional salons who are seeing life-changing income and benefits to their personal business.

Experience the same freedom just like so many others. 10 minutes could change your life.

Let's connect and see if this could be the right fit for you. If not, no worries.


Vegan, Sulfate FREE, Naturally Based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty-FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS + clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth!

• RETAIL CUSTOMER: No strings attached. You can go directly to agebrilliantlyl.mymonat.com and purchase products just like you would go on Nordstrom and purchase shoes. You can even take advantage of the Purchase Plus (+) Program tier discounts and lock in anywhere from 15-25% OFF.

• VIP CUSTOMER: You pay a ONE-time lifetime membership fee of $19.99 and you will receive free shipping + 15% off all future orders! Also, you will receive additional Purchase Plus (+) Program tier discounts of 15-25% on top of your already 15% OFF. You must commit to 3 qualified $84+ in order to lock in lifetime savings. You will have access to exclusive Flash Sales and events for only VIP Customers. Enjoy exclusive birthday perks too!

This is a product the whole family can use, we have a mens line, junior line for the littles, and even a pet line for your furry friends.


The Opportunity

• Ground Floor! We are so NEW (6 years) and the opportunity to build something big with MONAT is actually achievable versus other companies that have been around for years and years! We are available in the USA, Canada, and the UK!

• Our comp plan is not even comparable with any other MLM Company, we paid 5% more in commissions last year than ANY other MLM Company! 

MONAT is made for EVERYONE, every ethnicity! Men – Women – Children ALL ages & ethnicities! 

• NO COMPETITION. Monat is the first & ONLY dedicated anti-aging hair care company in Network Marketing. MONAT has proprietary formulations that have made us #1 in haircare worldwide, #12 in skin care in North America, and soon to hit the top charts with the launch of wellness.

• You do NOT have to sell this product, you just have to SHARE it! It's easy to do when you love something

MONAT is the first and ONLY FDA approved hair care line (facilities + ingredients)! 

• Vegan, Sulfate FREE, Naturally Based, ANTI-AGING, Cruelty-FREE, Toxic FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS! Clinically proven ingredients that promote hair growth!

What can you expect from me as a leader?

To be as REAL, RAW, and TRANSPARENT as possible. And to start, hear my story …

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