Why Every Network Marketer Needs A Blog - PIN

You just started your business and you're excited to share with the world your new product, service, and opportunity. There's one problem ... people are NOT engaging with network marketers the way they did 7 years ago.

In fact, the whole network marketing on social platforms is somewhat daunting and oversaturated. However, hundreds and thousands of people are reaping the benefits of the direct selling industry and there are more multi-millionaires born from this industry than any other.

Do you find yourself frustrated and wanting to give up because nothing is working?

What are these other top leaders doing and why do you need to consider taking a different approach with your business? Top leaders are blogging, podcasting, and using LIVE video broadcasting. They are utilizing the tools available to attract people rather than spend endless time chasing after people. And blogging is the best way to get yourself going, for many reasons I will share with you below.

Have you ever thought about what it means to be an authority figure when it comes to your network marketing business? I bet a few people come to mind when you hear the words.

But what makes someone an authority figure in your eyes?

  • Do you know them? (I would hope so. They're coming to mind for a reason.)
  • Do you like them? (In some cases, maybe not…LOL but let’s just say you do for now.)
  • Do you trust them? (Obviously, if you continue to follow and seek out their content.)

You’re probably thinking, “Hang on a minute!….you mean people have to know, like, and trust you if they’re going to buy from you!”

Exactly! You're catching on quickly! (hehe)

And yet this simple ‘marketing’ lesson is often overlooked too often, and at the sacrifice of minimal growth and sales.

This is where your blog comes to the rescue!!

You see, this is the little secret that can make or break your business

Even if you’re brand new in network marketing, or maybe you’ve been around for a few years, starting a blog can be the answer.

Reason #1

I have seen over and over again, even personally experienced defeat in my own business due to the following;

  • spending endless time prospecting everyone and their mother.
  • posting and sharing content on social media
  • hosting endless parties with countless no shows
  • and the list on and on... you get the point.

And guess what? None of these methods work.

But what if I told you you could;

  • write what you are passionate about without being perfect.
  • create endless content for multiple platforms and eliminate the struggle of knowing what to post next.
  • create a community of people who WANT to be around you.
  • gain loyal customers and team members who now look at you as an authority figure in your position.
  • spend less time getting more done.

How would that sound? Great, right?

See, when you create your blog, you’re essentially building the foundation of your business. A comfortable place that you enjoy being a part of daily.

You are then inviting people to enjoy this same space when they visit your blog (or business). They begin to get to know you, like you and trust you based on the continued content you are sharing.

Now here is where the fun comes in...

Did I prospect you, message you, meet you at an event, initiate any conversation with you? Nope! You came here on your own.

You stumbled across this blog looking for content to help you, guide you or educate you. Whether or not you end up working with me, alongside me or are simply here just to read some awesome content is completely up to you.

THIS is exactly what blogs can do for you.

Can you imagine waking up each day to a new subscriber or prospect reaching out asking for more information as to what you do or a possible new immediate sale?

These are people who have asked to be in your space, not the other way around. You simply took the time to share a story, valuable content, or a piece of information THEY were looking for.

Reason #2

Receiving these types of new connections is one thing, attracting them is another.

One of the benefits of blogging is the endless content you can find to repurpose in multiple ways and across several platforms.

What do I mean? Here are some examples of the types of content you can pull from a blog;

  • Develop pinnable graphics of an old blog post.
  • Develop a newsletter and focus on that subject
  • Create audio content and go more in-depth
  • Make a YouTube video
  • Do a Facebook live segment
  • Broadcast it on Periscope
  • Make an Instagram post and mention your blog
  • Create a Facebook long post
  • Share the article on Facebook Groups
  • Make a webinar off of the subject
  • Create an eCourse
  • Make a podcast

These are just a few examples of how a single post can be used over and over again.

Stop wondering WHAT you are going to post day after day and begin to recycle and repurpose your content!

Reason #3

And guess what? Now that you have repurposed your content in a variety of ways your blog post or piece of content is read, liked, and shared….and days even months later, you STILL get fans or followers sending you messages and emails about how they can find out more information about your business!

Your content becomes a resource of information to be shared over and over again. There is no time frame on when something becomes "old" content. As you grow and gain in knowledge, you can continue to update the content with follow-up posts.

So, what do you start a blog about?

Your network marketing business or product? Sure! If you can honestly say that you have enough content weekly to write about the same thing over and over again.

A hobby or interest of yours? This is a better option. Do you find yourself loving your yoga and spin classes? It is something you have been participating in every week for several years now? Have you learned a lot in the process and continue to learn and grow in this area? There is a story here. Start writing about it.

What about a mommy, lifestyle, fashion blog? There are many of them out there and yes, they are great. Just ask yourself, how you plan to set yourself apart?

Either of these options is great, just make sure to do something that is YOU and not something that doesn't even relate to the person you are. Trust me, people will see right through it.

Are you ready to get started and begin learning more about how you can kick off your very own blog? Check out my 5 Tips for Starting A Blog As A Network Marketer HERE.