8 Opt-In Freebies To Explode Your Business

If you've ever received automated emails from a website or blogger, chances are you opted into a freebie offer. Are you considering blogging or are already in the blogging community? Understanding the importance opt-in freebies have in your business and overall email list growth is important.

Opt-in freebies are a great way to give value to your audience and subscribers. It is also a great indication of what a paid service or product from you would offer.

pssstt… If you haven't started blogging just yet and are not sure which email platform to use just yet, start with this post first!

The biggest issue many newbies and even seasoned bloggers have is figuring out what type of opt-in freebie to offer.

The truth is — it really depends on your audience.

Realistically, that is not the answer you want to hear, however, there is no blanket offer that appeals to every individual person. Also, comes down to what is that person struggling with and what can you provide to help offer value and a solution to that struggle.

Once you decide what value you want to provide to your audience, it's time to start creating your freebies. You can create a simple and beautifully designed freebie using Canva. It is my go-to, quick design platform.

I have put together a list of possible formats for opt-in’s you can create! Hopefully, it is helpful in creating your winning opt-in freebie!


Checklists are a quick, easy, and simple way to offer value to your audience. They make, what is often a complicated process, easier.

Checklists can be used as lead magnets for a paid program or as a way to opt into your email list. If you are using a checklist as a lead magnet for a paid program you can preview the details of the program within the checklist. As well as the follow-up email you send with access to download.

You can even take the pointers you write about in a blog post and turn it into a content upgrade checklist someone can print off and take on-the-go.

I use checklists as opt-in freebies HERE

How To's

A majority of time people stumble across blogs in search of finding a solution to a problem they have. More times than not that is a 'how-to' solve this or that problem.

Maybe the blog your write is a preview of a more in-depth 'how-to' process or PDF you can offer your readers. Take the time to communicate your process or steps in a one-pager 'how-to' content upgrade.

Email Course

Email Courses are a great way to get subscribers. I cannot begin to tell you how many free courses I personally have jumped into. I know more and more people find value in a mini-course, especially when it drops right into their inbox each day.

They are also a great way to create sales funnels in hopes of converting your subscribers over to a paid course. Instead of unloading all your goodies in one email you break it up and spread it across several value-driven emails over the course of several days.

Within those emails you use backend offers or upsells giving people a sneak peek into how valuable your paid product is and include the option to enroll or purchase.

I use email courses as an opt-in freebie HERE


eBooks are great and popular options for opt-in freebies. They communicate well to an audience and can cover a wide variety of topics. It also allows those subscribers who prefer to take things at their own pace to access something in their own time and take as long as they would like to work through it and put it into action.


Creating a tutorial exclusively for your subscribers is a great way to build your email list. Tutorials can be fun and interactive. The best part is you can create a tutorial about SO many things. The best thing to do is to figure out a problem that your audience most likely faces and create a tutorial around that.

Video Series

Are you comfortable in front of the camera or your cell phone? Use to going LIFE on your Facebook and offering value there? Maybe you upload videos frequently to YouTube.

Take what inspires you and the value you are pouring into the camera and wrap it up into a mini video series for your subscribers. I love this offer because it builds likability with your audience. They get to know you on a more personal level with video content.


I am starting to see a rise in webinar popularity when it comes to opt-in freebies. The great thing about webinars is you can turn them on and off through the year and use it as an enticing offer multiple times.

You can record the webinar and capture registration and subscriber details when choosing to launch it LIVE again and again. This is also a great frontend offer to a larger backend product and paid service or product.


I have started to fall in love with the use of template opt-in freebies. They are a great option for your subscribers and they jump at these offers. There are so many possibilities for what type of template you can create. Templates are a great option for a variety of niches. An example would be a social media cover photo, spreadsheet, calendar, day planner, etc. You can also create templates and share them easily with the Canva Design Platform.

So there it is friends, I hope this helps you get a jump start and move on your email list and business-building methods.

If you are looking for more one-on-one coaching and mentoring through this process, I am happy to help. I've been there, I know the struggles and you are not alone. Sometimes it just takes a little guidance.