10 Habits Of Successful Bloggers

I remember the exact moment I wanted to start blogging. It may have been for different reasons than most bloggers, but it was for my own reasons.

I had been mentoring and coaching thousands of people in their network marketing. For over 8 years, I had also been helping independent business owners develop their brand and online presence.

As I was sitting at my desk in the morning, I opened my Facebook Messenger. A good 8 people were sitting in my inbox, reaching out to me, asking for more information on a post I had made the night before.

Next, I went over to the actual post and there were endless comments asking questions.

I thought to myself ... OMG, I am not going to respond to each of these individually. That's ridiculous. There has got to be an easier way.

A way for me to share all the things I know how to do and help people at the same time.

I started recording videos and doing LIVE'S every single day on my social media accounts.

Then I realized, I am only attracting a chunk of my demographic. There are many people who would prefer reading rather than watching a video. This was the moment I started to entertain blogging.

It was a way for me to catalog all my learning and training, share my knowledge, and at the same time get a little personal and document my life.

Most people, on the other hand, want to pick up blogging as a way to skyrocket their success. They think starting a blog is the key to ramping up their entrepreneurial desires, in time, leading them to quit that day job they hate.

While blogging can certainly get you there, the amount of people who fail to turn a blog into a full-time business is far greater than the number of those who do.

There are 10 habits that set successful bloggers apart from amateurs. It is what it is, right? I share with you those exact habits so you can begin picking them up yourself.

1.) Blogging Is A Business

Successful bloggers treat their blogging as a full-time business. Can you take on other forms of income and still manage to blog at the same time? Absolutely, that is exactly what I do. However, blogging itself is a huge commitment and if you want to make an income doing it, you have to take it seriously.

2.) They Commit To Consistency

If you've been following me now for some time, then you know I am always preaching consistency. Anything worth doing and being successful at must be accompanied by consistent action. Successful bloggers have a schedule and they stick to it. Their followers can count on them showing up at their promised times, regardless of the time of year.

3.) They Set Goals

Any successful blogger knows that in order to move forward and perfect your skill, goals must be set in place. Some may have an audience and subscriber goals. Others may struggle with commitment and have commitment goals. Maybe they even sent certain content, collaboration, or brand partnership goals. Regardless, they set them and work towards achieving them every year, month, and day!

4.) They Plan Ahead

One of the biggest aspects of blogging comes down to planning. Planning ahead is key for a successful blogger.

Bloggers do not want to have to throw content together at the last minute and rush to the finish line. They are prepared, have a schedule in place, and plan weeks and months ahead of time.

5.) They Stay On Schedule

I've already mentioned a schedule multiple times and successful bloggers stick to it. I won't lie, it isn't easy when you first get started. However, once you get in the routine of things sticking to your set schedule gets easier in time. Maybe you blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You're creating the opt-in freebies that go along with it. You then send your blog out to your newsletter subscribers, post on your social media accounts, and even run short advertisements.

As you can see, a lot goes into a single blog. Mapping out a plan and putting a schedule into action is essential to any successful bloggers time.

6.) They Listen To Their Audience

A blogger's subscribers are the lifeline of their business. Lose your subscribers and you lose your income, basically.

It is important for any blogger to pay attention to their audience and listen to what it is they are engaging with and asking for. You can listen to your audience by running analytics, requesting feedback, sending off questionnaires, and even polling them.

Don't be afraid to ask. They are more than willing to tell you exactly what they want and why they want it from you.

7.) They Collaborate + Support Others

Bloggers supporting bloggers is a thing. In fact, I highly encourage it. One of the greatest things a blogger can do is build their network and nurture those relationships.

Brand collaborations are one thing, but working with other bloggers within your niche helps funnel more subscribers your way.

I love being able to do this by offering Guest Blogger spots and Featured Spotlights on my blog.

8.) They Lead with Value

Give, Give, Give, is the mentality again here. Most bloggers have a passion for helping others. Doing what they can to serve their audience with valuable content, tools, and resources is a blogger ultimate job.

Think about it...

You never read a 'good' blog without truly taking something away from it, right? That's value!

9.) They Engage with Their Audience

The authenticity of a blogger is reflected in the time they spend with their audience. If all you see is a blogger write, write, write, and they take no time at all to respond to comments and engage -- well, that's a poor decision on their part.

Successful bloggers crave engagement on their blog. At the moment they get it, you can count on them to be there to respond. On of the ways I take my engagement with my subscribers even further is through our awesome Influencers' Circle Facebook Group. We have started to create a powerful community and I cannot wait to jump in each day and talk with everyone.

10.) They Are Constantly Learning

Finally, you will see a successful blogger NEVER stops learning. It doesn't matter if you blog about knitting, healthy eating, grooming, or business ... if you are successful at blogging then you are always educating yourself. Why? Because with education comes content. Endless amounts of it too.

There shouldn't be a piece of content you consume that you do not repurpose as a blogger in some way or fashion. In fact, this same lesson applies to social media content as well.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into blogging. This shouldn't overwhelm you though. In fact, it should excite you! This means that anyone can do it and become successful at it. You just have to ask yourself ... Are you going to blog like an amiture or blog like a PRO?