10 steps to signing a new team member in your network maketing business-THUMBNAIL

Have you ever wanted to improve your team building efforts in your network marketing business?

Creating processes in my business has allowed me to work smarter, not harder. One of the main processes I have set in place is a prospecting process.

Not everyone is the right fit for my business and/or opportunity. It is sending them through a simple process like I am about to share with you that helps me filter my prospects. Making team building in my network marketing business simplified and effective.

So how can you start doing the same thing and start saving time in your business? With every prospect, start implementing the step-by-step process below;


STEP #1: SHARE VALUABLE CONTENT Network Marketing Business - Computer

  • Share a lifestyle post.
  • Photo of you meeting up with your team.
  • A tip you learned from a training video you just watched.
  • A takeaway you gained from your daily personal development.
  • A helpful article, blog, or Pinterest post you came across.
  • A how to
  • Share the benefits of a product and why certain people want to use it.
  • A customer testimonial.

Learn about Content Buckets and how they can help you consistently come up with valueable content valuable for your followers.


STEP #2: RESPOND TO INTEREST Network Marketing Business

"Hey ____. I would love to share more info with you. The best way for me to do that is to share a quick video highlighting exactly why I do what I do and how you can too. It is sharing tools like this that allow us to work smarter, not harder. When would you have 5-10 minutes to spare so I can send it your way? Afterward, I can answer any of your questions, then ask you a few questions myself to see if this is the right fit for you or someone you know. If not, no big deal."


STEP #3: IF "YES" SEND VIDEO Network Marketing Business - link

“Great! Check out the video and I'll touch base in 30min!”


STEP #4: IF "NO" - SCHEDULE A TIME TO SEND VIDEO Network Marketing Business - time

"No problem, when do you think you will have 5-10 minutes free to watch the video?"'

"Great! I will send it to you on (day of week) @ (time)."


STEP #5: FOLLOW UP & SET UP 3-WAY CALL Network Marketing Business - phone

"Hey ______. I am excited to hear what did you like best about that video. So, what would you say resonated with you most?"

I love using platforms like ZOOM to get face to face with my prospects, even with 3-way calls. It allows them to get to know me a lot easier than over the phone. ZOOM is a FREE app to use, however, the paid allows better features.

STEP #6: DETERMINE PAIN POINTS & SET GOALS Network Marketing Business - money

"That is awesome (name)! Let's say you’re starting your business right now, what would be the main reason to light that fire and push you towards your dreams? What is you true WHY?"

Wait for response… write it down on your end.

"What kind of money are you really looking to earn in this to make it worth your time?"

Wait for response… write it down on your end.


STEP #7: EXPLAIN INCOME POTENTIAL Network Marketing Business - analytics

"This is so awesome ________! I cannot make any guarantees, but I can share with you what myself and many others have been able to do.

I understand "money" isn't everything. It is what we are able to do with it that matters.

Attache is our monthly income disclosure statement and the average incomes at each rank that can be expected.

Your goals are doable and able to qualify you for _______ and continued monthly bonuses with the company.”


STEP #8: ASK FOR TIME COMMITMENT Network Marketing Business

"We can reach these goals together, but I need to know...how many hours can you invest in this business each week?"

Wait for response… write it down on your end.


STEP #9: ANSWER MORE QUESTIONS Network Marketing Business - question

"Awesome, do you have any more questions for me?"


STEP #10: CLOSE Network Marketing Business

"Awesome! You are definitely a perfect fit for our team. Let's get you going. What starter pack do you feel confident coming in with?"


"I completely understand. Let's set a goal to get you going and working towards your ultimate dreams. How much money DO you have to invest? Let's see what the gap is and brainstorm ways to close it."

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