How To Constantly Improve Meaningful Connections with Your Customers

Nowadays we have seen how the internet is proliferated with content, and it’s not showing any sign to slow down.

In fact, the pace is only going to be faster all the more now, with the use of AI all around us. The chatbots we now see, even social media posts that are scheduled, it’s all done using AI technology.

How do we humans keep up with robots? By simply being human.

No robot can replace the human side of humans.

Sure, they are trying to invent the technology for this, to make robots to be more like a human, and are always in search of perfecting it, but really, nothing can replace the human side of us, human beings.

This is why it’s so important now to find and improve meaningful connection with customers, to grab their attention and ultimately loyalty.

Customers will be constantly bombarded with options and more options.

However, if you do it right and have meaningful connections with them, they will not only come to you for advice or inspiration, but they will run to you to buy anything you sell as part of your way of serving them.

Not because you manipulated them into buying what you’re selling, but because they trust you that much, that they hardly question what you do anymore.

You should be trusted.

You should have this level of credibility that people trust you and don’t question your motivation other than helping them reach their goals.

That’s where you need to aim in laying the foundation for meaningful connection with your customers.

In every breath, your business takes, in every strategy and actions you plan on doing.

It’s imperative that you have this personalized way of connecting, to serve the way they will see you much more than just any other influence, to be their guiding hands.

It’s always about them, never about us or our business. It always has to be about them and whether what we do is making them reach what they have always wanted to reach.

In life, work, career, family, health or fitness, whichever niche you decide to be an influence in.

Don’t be just an influencer. Be an influencer with impact, with your existence and expertise.

I’m sure you know who Rachel Hollis is.

You might think she’s an overnight success, I didn’t even know who she was last year.

Look at how she’s taking over the world by simply being human.

She’s very good in making a meaningful connection with her followers.

She built her tribe of millions by one person at a time. She listens to them and sees to it that what they are asking are answered.

She would read DM and reply to them connecting with one human being at a time.

Most likely she can’t do it anymore now with millions, but it’s how she got started. Are you replying to your DMs? Interacting with and engaging your followers?

Let me ask you this, how are you making an impact to the lives of your followers, tribes?

If there’s still no clear answer to this, no fret, you’ll get there as you see how your customers are improving your life with your existence in their lives.

See the cause and effect? By improving other people’s lives, you improve yours. Keep bringing impact, and keep at it.

Facebook to me is not just a social media platform.

It’s not just a place where I stalk people with what they do and sometimes even try to mind their business.

Don’t we all?

Facebook impacts my life by bringing my family, who some live in remote areas more than 10,000 miles away from me as if they are living close by.

From not being able to communicate with my cousins, to be able to see my niece started her high school and be a leader in her school marching band.

To me, this is important.

Family is always on the top of my list. How are we being a Facebook to people who are following us?

How are we respecting their time and trust to even follow us?

What do we have to offer that we deserve their attention?

One more thing, serve with humility.

Without it, no serving is worth a connection. A meaningful connection. This is what captivates people.

Another thing, influence with your heart and follow your guts.

Sure, business goals are important and you need to have it.

Make it also your goal to serve with your heart.

Now go out there, serve and make an impact with your influence.

I have a useful worksheet for you to create start a meaningful connection with customers at

I hope to bring my impact to you, see you there! You are also welcome to send me a DM on Instagram if you have questions.

Mention that you found me through Whitney, I’d love to answer them.

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Guest Blogger - Atalia Felicia

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Creator, author, digipreneneur Atalia Felicia started her career in the corporate world, from managing client accounts of a key player IT hardware company, managed her team in successfully acquiring and onboarding C-level of Fortune 500 companies as clients, to leading a team of advisers consulting driven students to achieve their online master's degrees.

Being 15 years in marketing and sales, with the last 5 focusing in digital marketing, Atalia feels right where she belongs when it comes to delivering value in serving

customers. In 2015, she took it to the next level and authored Online Learning MASTERY, to help even more of these online students.

As Atalia thrives for excellence on her field, she learned from some of the world’s most brilliant champions in digital marketing of today, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield and Brendon Burchard. Atalia now draws from their expertise and strategies to coach and consult entrepreneurs and businesses, teaching them to be excellent in digital marketing.

Atalia is dedicated to helping them tap their full potential in making a meaningful connection with customers, through the power of digital marketing.

She holds Bachelors in Marketing and Masters in Finance, both completed in the Netherlands, where she’s based.

Being a curious person, she’s a life long learner and loves to travel the world. So far, she considers herself blessed to have seen more than 50 countries. She loves to connect with driven entrepreneurs like you.