Here we are again... another day, another post and my mind is blank. How do some people create content day in and day out so seamlessly? Do they work with an underground team of content creators and pay them pennies on the hour? Or are they coming up with all this on their own?

The truth is, YES! This is where content buckets come in handy. I had never heard of content buckets until I had a serious writer's block when it came to my blog. I was lost and had gone weeks without posting a single blog. I had no damn clue where to start or what to talk about.

I went to the internet and started doing research. I searched for ways to find inspiration as a blogger. Then I stumbled upon two little words that changed EVERYTHING for me moving forward.

“Content buckets” are categories of content that relate to your target audience.

Content buckets should be direct, to the point, and focused. They tell your ideal client, follower, or subscribers what they need to know about you, your business, and what you offer or sell.

So how does this apply to your social media, blog, vlog, or podcast?

When it comes to your blog, your content buckets can be your categories.

You can use them as posting strategies on your Instagram or highlight categories with your stories.

Maybe, you run a Facebook group and each day you have a theme. To keep your posting diversified, your content buckets can be the different topics you choose to post about each day.

Constantly and consistently circling back through your content buckets or keeping within the range of them will form brand awareness and reliability with your clients, following, and subscribers.

Your content buckets need to be a direct correlation to what you offer and can provide you client, following, and subscribers.

Talking about your top 10 fashion finds from the outlet mall when you are an interior designer, doesn’t make sense. Make sure you maintain consistency with your brand.

As you diversify your offerings, your content buckets should naturally grow, change, and diversify. It’s like a revolving door.

Once I realized the importance of content buckets for my following, I realized how valuable they were to me.
I quickly started creating topics to fall in each bucket with ease.

I began writing more consistently and freely because the stress of "WHAT"I was going to write about and say was no longer around.

I got my groove back and it simplified the whole damn process, FINALLY!

I encourage you to sit down and think of 3-5 content buckets for your social media, blog, or whatever.

A couple of mine;

  • Branding

  • Social Media

  • Email + Affiliate Marketing

  • Network Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Motherhood

  • Pregnancy

I hope this gives you the inspiration to start narrowing down your main conversation points. Creating an easier content process for you moving forward.

Which means more likes, shares, comments, messages, and happy customers for you from your product demo videos.

And that's it!

Sounds simple right? Take some time to practice this and then start putting it into ACTION. You will get better and better with each video.

I look forward to hearing all about how this has impacted your engagement and minimized the FEAR of video marketing.