5 Ways To Automate Your Business And Achieve More This Year

Smart business executives and entrepreneurs understand that repetition, waste (especially of time and money), and unnecessary bureaucracy are slow business Killers.

Just like marketing, business automation is all around you. From the voicemail message on your telephone and the “cold-calling” email from a salesperson, to the birthday coupon from your favorite restaurant, the reminder from the e-store where you added a product to your shopping cart but never clicked “buy” to complete the transaction, and so on, you’ll discover that automation is everywhere.

So, if you ain’t taking advantage of it for your business, chances are that you are still living in the Stone Age!

Across various businesses and industries, automation has become a critical integral success tool. Recent studies have pointed out the fact that over 75 percent of the top-performing business organizations have a robust marketing automation framework. This enables them to meet up with the peculiar and ever-increasing demands of their industry.

Every business small, mid-sized or large can incorporate automation into its framework. From lead-capturing to closing sales, serving your customers, or performing routine office tasks off your to-do list. OMG! Wouldn’t you rather consider automating your repetitive processes? As doing so would free up your time and give you the opportunity to pay more attention to more rewarding tasks such as growing your business.

Here are 5 aspects of your business processes you should consider automating:

1. Emails

Automating you email correspondence will enable you to get the required responses a lot faster while skipping several unnecessary steps. If you put together the enormous time you or team members spend on email communications weekly, in spite of the amazing alternative for automation, you may be shocked by your discovery.

Gosh! You shouldn’t be getting stuck in your inbox all-day when there are smarter and more efficient ways to get things done.

Interestingly, there are a good number of email automation solutions that are either free, depending on the size of your team, or very affordable. These solutions include Slack (very intuitive), Google Docs, Fronts, and Canned Gmail Responses. You should look them up and do your research to determine which of the automation tools is more suitable for your engagements.


2. Social Media

Social Media engagements can be really time-consuming, especially when you are committed to interacting with your audience on a regular basis. But rather than having your daily schedules interrupted by the need to log into your social media profile and send out posts or respond to messages. You could just batch your content at your convenience and schedule them to be posted at specific future dates while you go about doing your own thing with a less interrupted schedule.

Buffer, Hootsuite, Planoly, and Tailwind are just a few of the recommended apps that can help you get your social media engagements running on autopilot.


3. Scheduling Meetings & Appointments

This is a very critical and time-consuming aspect of your business engagements that requires automation. If you are someone who schedules tons of business appointments, you should consider Squareup Appointments or Calendly. You will be amazed at the ease with you are able to meet up with important meetings or appointments while staying organized!


4. Weekly Newsletter & Client Experience

Relationship building is a fundamental aspect of business success. You certainly don’t want to find yourself reaching out to your clients only when you have special product offers or activities that require their wallet. Which is why you need to stay in touch on a more regular basis, and an automation system is what helps get that done without getting worn-out. Convert Kit, MailChimp, and Constant Contact are great newsletter automation tools to consider.


5. Personal Tasks

Nothing beats the power of an organized mind or system, and there are loads of reliable task management tools that can help you stay ahead of your daily or periodic tasks. Trello, for instance, is a super-intuitive task manager that helps you stay on course your to-do list or repetitive tasks in a simpler and more organized way!


Get On Board

Hey! Business automation isn’t something you should be wondering whether or not you should implement. Automation gives you back your time, which is perhaps the most important asset that you require to stay creative, more profitable and inspired! Interestingly, once you begin to automate your business, it may surprise you how the heck in the world your business survived without it!