How To Batch Your Instagram Content (1)

It goes without saying that Instagram has proved most useful influencers these days. It has become the go-to creative and visual platform for brand awareness and growth. Apart from business, Instagram is the most popular medium where both budding and professional photographers can promote and sell their work. Staying present on the platform may seem easy, but the consistency that follows isn’t always the case.

As influencer’s, our overall goal is to land that perfect collaboration, brand deal, and generate sales from the content we share. However, when it comes to those brands looking for micro influencers to partner with, or potential consumers flocking to your feed, it is how you show up on a consistent basis and gain the engagement of your following that matters most. This can definitely be time-consuming and no one wants to spend hours on end scrambling for content when they can be maximizing their time batching their content. This is exactly what I have done and it works! Below, I share with you my step-by-step system when it comes to batching my content and freeing up hours in my week so I can apply my time effectively to other areas of my business.

  1. What Story Are You Telling?

With Instagram being a visual platform, you have two options. You can post random pictures covering a wide array of topics and interests, or you can narrow it down to 3-4 content buckets. Content buckets are the categories you choose on purpose and where your passions lie. This will create an overall cohesive flow to your feed and you will be posting with a purpose. You can have buckets for family and lifestyle? Maybe a specific hobby or talent? It could even be a product or service that you share from time-to-time.

When you have narrowed down the purpose of your overall feed and why people will come to follow you, next you want to unfold your story. Each picture you post captures a moment in time or a part of your passion. Sharing with people why you are posting what your posting and what it means to you is what counts the most. This is where you will create relatability and start to see the engagement increase through comments and likes.

Instagram Content Batching

2. Gather Your Photos

When you are thinking about the theme and subject of your photographs, you should simultaneously think about the photos you are going to post. Do they consist of a certain location, activity, product, prop or person? I personally take 1-2 days out of the month to shoot content for my social platforms. I determine my story and purpose for the month then think of the photos I am going to share in relation to that story. This seems like it is a headache, but it isn’t at all. It will save you endless amounts of time and limit you from scrambling to find a photo to post on the fly.

3. Write The Content

Have you ever seen a photo with a caption that states, “loving it!” What does that even mean? What is that person loving and why are they loving it? Now that you have your photos, it is time to start sharing with people what they mean to you and why it could relate to them as well. Writing captivating content also allows the opportunity for you to express yourself verbally and send a specific message to your following and potential consumers. You want your followers to understand who you are as a human being. You want to build the like, know, trust factor with them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for their engagement by using a Call To Action. Ask for their opinions, feedback, or for them to like and tag others that would benefit from the post you just made.

4. Bring It Together With A Scheduling Platform

There are so many amazing platforms out there such as; PLANN, Planoly, Tailwind, Buffer, and CoSchedule for scheduling out your content. I personally use CoSchedule and Tailwind for all of my content scheduling and batching purposes. These platforms allow you to upload and schedule out content for months at a time. I typically plan a good 2 weeks to a month in advance, however, realize that things do change and content can be adjusted. Being flexible is key! The best posting times for Instagram typically fall between 11AM - 5PM. And I do not post a ridiculous amount of content a day. My recommendation would be, one to three posts a day. You do not want to overload your following or run out of content to share.

Ultimately, your success on social media boils down to how effectively you are using these platforms and are you keeping your followers engaged? Don’t stress about the numbers! I use to do this all the time. Are you getting people to comment, like and share your content? This is what matters most!

Do you have other ways you prefer to batch your content for Instagram? Any favorite platforms or advice you would like to add? Comment and share below, I would love to hear how you are mastering your Instagram and content.