Are you looking for ways to set yourself apart and increase your impact with your network marketing business? The internet has indeed created quite a revolution. At one point in time you are just having a small get-together with friends and the next moment you are all into network marketing, planning strategies to emphasize your presence on the internet. So, what can you do to ensure that your network marketing business grows leaps and bounds without putting much stress on your pocket? Here are three proven ways, tried and recommended by experts who really know the worth of life, and blending pleasure and work together:

1. Selecting Right Opportunity

Growing your business in the industry of network marketing starts with making sure you’re partnering with a company that not only fits your personality but is packed with potential success. With so many companies taking advantage of the multi-level marketing structure, how do you know which one is the right fit for you?

The success of any business depends starts with YOU. Secondly, it has a lot to do with who you choose to surround yourself with and what you intend to offer. There are a few elements or parameters that can guide you in selecting the right opportunity. The first one is stability. Do the company and the ownership of the company have a successful business history? Does the company have excellent services or products that are in demand by consumers?

Determining the experience, integrity, and leadership is very important. The products or services the company offers is the second most important factor. Partnering with a company who offers a product that is not necessarily a “need”, but more so a “want” may not be the best fit for you. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned over my years in the industry.

Next, how is the company’s compensation program structured? Is your company structured as a unilevel, binary, matrix, breakaway, or maybe a hybrid? Regardless of the structure, know your payouts, commissions, and organizational percentages. This factor is very crucial as the pay plan will indicate the way you will be getting paid.

Finally, does it have excellent support, business, and training system? These factors fall right in line with company culture. They end up creating the foundation of continued duplicatable success in your business, bringing people together.

2. Content Triggers

If you are not using social media platforms today to grow your business, you’re missing out. With billions of people online every single day, you have unlimited territory opportunities for growth in your business.

And if you are on social media already, creating triggers with your content is going to increase engagement and following on your social media accounts. A great way to do this is by sharing your personal results and the results of your followers and prospective consumers.

You can display the recognition prizes, vacations you’ve taken, the cars you have earned and personal achievements you’ve made to tempt your following into commenting or personally messaging you. However, your perspective consumers want to know more about your product or service and how it is going to help them. What is it going to do for them? How is it going to make changes in their life, for the better? Where can it fit into their life? Who else around them can it impact?

Secondly, when posting, never forget the importance of a “Call to Action”, to boost your engagement and encourage people to act. Everything you post and share should end with a CTA.  Great examples of this are; asking your audience questions, encouraging their opinion, and/or directing them to a link to watch a video, read a blog, or enter an email list.

3. Story Branding and Storytelling

Who does not love success stories? Most of you have grown up with the bedtime stories that continue to stick with you for a lifetime. Stories do one thing, they leave an impact, a lasting impression. Now, what if you were to share your story through LIVE video? Yea, I know…most of you are pretty much gagging at the thought but hear me out. Live video allows for a viewer to hear the tonality of your voice when sharing a story. They pick up on the emotion, the passion, the truth behind what it is you are saying. This cannot always be conveyed through words. LIVE video is an asset to your business and if you have not started using it, you may want too.

When you are trying to grow your network marketing business, make sure that you keep on introducing engaging content, stories are a great way to do this. It is your way to connect with people and create reliability.