New Year, New Business-How To Set Goals For Your Side Hustle

Gary Keller once said and I quote “Life is a question, and how we live it is our answer.” We are now in the final days of the outgoing year; it presents the perfect moment to reflect on the answers that we provided to our life’s questions, during the year!

A quick question for you:

As an entrepreneur, how would you measure your business's progress over the past months; what definite steps have you taken toward your online business development in the coming year?

If this is the first time you are pondering over this, truth be told, you’re already running late. But there’s still some time, to set your sail. Strike a balance; make achievable goal-oriented work-life plans, right now, that will increase your online business success in the New Year, 2019.

May I recommend a few ways that you can have a tremendous business year in 2019? That’s if you will be willing to start early. Perhaps, you may want to consider adding “networking more aggressively” to your to-do list.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You may have probably heard this saying a thousand times or more since you were a kid. However, working SMART-er, here, has a deeper interpretation than the regular. I’m talking about working in a ‘Specific’, ‘Measurable’, ‘Attainable’, ‘Relevant’, and ‘Timely’ manner.

If you said you’re gonna start a new business. Damn it! What are you waiting for?? If you keep hesitating, nothing will ever get done!

On the flip side, setting ‘SMART’ goals add some depths and organization to your life – professionally and personally. You will feel great knowing that you’re on course, or detecting when you’re off-course, so you can quickly and deliberately take measures to correct it – in the end, you will achieve them, and be better for it!

Hey, don’t shit yourself! If you’re really serious about starting a new business; increasing your pace and seeing definite results. Then it’s high time you focused on tracking your progress over the next 90 days; starting with your daily activities.

Not only would this approach inspire the right thoughts as you plan towards where you’d want to end the New Year in your business, but they’d also determine the sense of purpose and passion that drive your actions on how you will get there.

Your Goals Should Be - Beefing Up Your Business Network

Just in case no one has ever told you, I will!

To not be deliberately and aggressively involved in networking, is to be inadvertently selling yourself short, and your business too.

You must know that networking is the primary driving force for any business in today’s world. It’s the reason for the interpersonal, business-to-customer, and business-to-business relationships; it’s, in fact, the fundamental idea behind social media engagements and all the paparazzi in our society today.


Networking, if done correctly, can help your online business grow, and boost your confidence, social engagements, and business knowledge. Hear me! I don’t care how antisocial you may think you are, by nature. The earlier you learned to embrace networking the better for your business success, and personal finances.

As an entrepreneur, no matter how hard or smart you work, your full potentials hang in the balance as long you are operating in total isolation.


First things first, you've got to do an audit of your brand and narrow down your goals.

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