How To Build Trust & Engage In Facebook Groups

Are you active in Facebook groups, building connections and engaging with like-minded people? Have you started your own Facebook Group and it seems to be slowly taking off, even failing? All social media groups demand a high level of engagement and interactions. And if you are someone that feels you are lacking in this department, I am here to help. It can certainly be one of the reasons why you are not getting the ‘damned’ response that you have been so eager to get.

Developing trust among Facebook followers and developing a lineup of loyal ones certainly takes a bit of patience, as well as effort. So, what do you do? Below are a few tips you can start practicing right away in your personal Facebook Groups and carry over the same practices in groups you are a member of. So, how do you kick-start a never-ending thread of conversation and comments?

Always Remember You Are Also A Member! 

Well, it might sound a bit funny, but most of those who create a Facebook group forget sometimes that they are also a member of that group as well. So, if some of the group members are hesitant or reluctant to start a conversation or make a comment, it’s probably because they don’t actively see you. What is stopping you from commenting on your own content and getting the conversations started? Go ahead! React, respond, and reply like a member. The way you interact or post and the frequency at which you interact will definitely restart the cycle of talking.

Understanding Netiquette Meter

The way you engage with your group members or the fellow members in other groups you are a part of, have a lot to do with the trust and interaction you get from them. Members might be in a dilemma whether it is okay to post content or an image and whether they are incentivized to engage or not.  To understand it in a broader way, you must know that people follow a netiquette meter.

For example, when they are aware that it is your group, they will expect you to do most of the talking and take the charge. And then there are others who may not have anything worth to comment or post. Here are some tips to start rolling more fun, engagement, and trust in your Facebook group:

  1. Hey, You Have Been Accepted!
    What do you do after welcoming someone after he has joined your group? The connection needs to be updated, nurtured. You must make everyone in the group feel comfortable and accepted. So celebrate each new joining and let them know that they are accepted with a full heart. Incentivize their engagement by encouraging the members to take some action.
  2. Start A Game, Give A Reward
    Why should a Facebook group or social media interaction be always about some serious issues? Let it be fun as well. Post some quizzes, general questions or ask for an opinion related to movies, new billboard blockbusters. And just offer some entertaining links or educational online stuff as rewards. The comments and engagement you get in this way will go a long way to build trust in the group.
  3. Helping Each Other To Build Ties
    Try for meta-engagement on your Facebook group instead of just counting the number of people responding to your one question and then the other.  Just check out how many people responded to the post and how many of the group members are responding to the comment of each other on your post. More than just commenting on your post, it is important that they comment on each other’s replies and responses. So, the efforts should be in the direction of evolving the Facebook group as a community that builds ties and stay connected.

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