How TO Choose The Perfect Social Media Platform For Your Business

With so many social media platforms today, how do you know which one is the the right one for you? Have you decided to start your own business as a vlogger, blogger, designer, or even direct seller? Social media is the perfect gateway to begin marketing yourself and what it is you have to offer to the masses. You don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to make a significant impact. You do have to be strategic and learn to do it like a pro, and you can!

The pressure to be on every social platform can be overwhelming and confusing. More people end up being stuck rather than making progress towards the dreams they set for themselves in the beginning.  My biggest advice is to begin focusing 100% of your time and effort into one social media platform. You will build confidence in your chosen platform and over time, breakthrough. Rather than spreading yourself so thin that you end up a stressed-out mess!

How do you go about choosing the right social media platform for your business? Which platform will let you share content and connect with your audience in an engaging way? Which platform will turn viewers into subscribers, loyal fans and paying customers?

Every platform has it’s benefits. It is what you have to offer and who you are wanting to offer it too, where the answer to your questions will arise. Below, I share my 4 tips to help you narrow your decision and determine the platform that best suits you.

1. Know Your Competition

When I say, “competition”, I don’t mean who is “against” you in business and who you have to beat. You want to know where your competition is advertising, marketing, and connecting with similar audiences.

Competition can be frustrating. It is what makes a business so challenging, but it’s also essential for the process. What you want to ask yourself is, "how do you separate yourself from your company’s competition and other individuals in your industry?"

Realizing you have a solution that will solve your customer’s problem is important. Once you have built the know, like and trust factor, you will have a dedicated customer, for life. Discover your purpose, define your approach, then set yourself apart from the competition. Find the platform where other industry professionals seem to flock. Join in and begin to set yourself apart.

2. Know Your Audience

This is the most important when determining your chosen platform. It’s not uncommon for other professionals using the same platforms to be offering similar products and services. What makes each of you different is the audiences you are targeting. For example, let's say you could have two women who are health and fitness coaches. Each chooses the same platform, yet their demographics are completely different. Their audiences age, gender, occupations, desires, challenges, styles, and diets are each different. Even though they are in the same industry, they are targeting two different audiences.

Know the frustrations and problems of your potential audience. How are you are going to be able to help solve those problems by what it is you have to offer. Keep in mind the purpose of your business and provide them with value-driven content. Define and narrow down who your niche audience, understand their habits, and how they are likely to interact with your business.

3. Make Sure You Use & Like it!

Starting something new is always uncomfortable, especially when you are in uncharted territory. It is going to take time and daily consistent effort using and learning the platform you choose. You must dedicate time to learn how to use every aspect of the platform, it’s features, analytics, all the ins, and outs. It will take time and you have to be willing to invest your time to learn it like a pro.

Train yourself by searching available resources like blogs and YouTube video trainings. Ask yourself if this is the platform you can see yourself investing time in and enjoy learning like a new hobby.

3. Commit To Your Decision

Consistency is key when it comes to seeing any success in your business. Closing the door at the first sign of frustration or uncertainty will guarantee yourself sure defeat. You can do this! Believe in yourself, this is the first step.

Commit to yourself and your success by choosing to take action and do something every single day to advance your skills. Block off 30 minutes to an hour a day to learn something new about the platform and how to make it work. Spend time learning how to compose value driven and quality content. This will begin to increase your engagement and start conversations with your following. Try, learn, and try again. Trial and error are where you learn what does and does not work. In time, you will grow your presence and achieve a breakthrough by staying consistent.

Things may start slow and at times can become frustrating and very disheartening. Trust me, I've been there. Remember, everyone has started the same exact way. Know with absolute certainty, you can make that platform work for you. Your commitment will increase your traffic, engagement, and in turn, become super exciting over time. Your business will be booming and you will see all your hard work and dedication pay off.