What are you really selling - 3 Steps To Simplify Your Results.

Are you in the direct selling industry and having a difficult time trying to close the deal on your prospects?

As a network marketer, we are programmed to go out and recruit people who are either interested in our product, service, or opportunity. Many are successful at doing this day in and day out, however, even more, struggle at being successful with the overall process.

If you find yourself sailing in a boat of people not interested in your product, service, or opportunity, then I recommend taking a look at your system and process. People are looking for solutions, not opportunities. They need answers and pathways to solutions that will fix the problem they may have. The problem could be something your product could help. Or maybe they’re in a bind financially and your business opportunity could reduce their financial stress and open the door to bigger and better things.

What we need to realize is, is that most of the time they are saying “NO” to themselves not necessarily the product, service, or opportunity you are sharing with them. And this is where we really have to ask yourselves, what am I really offering them? The problem that a lot of us have is that our process is, “whatever happens, happens.” The steps we take are not clearly defined and the system we are trying to sell seems to be all over the place.

What I am encouraging you to do is to think differently. Come to the table with a business mindset and be persistent and clear in the system you go through when speaking with your prospects. When you can make your system simple, then it becomes simply understood by the prospect you are working with. Is this making sense? Here, I will break it down into 3 simple steps you can be taken to simplify your system, rather than assume it is YOU or the product, service, and opportunity you are offering.

#1 Define Your Goals

Defining your goals in business is critical to any forward progress or success. You have to start here before you take the next step towards growing your business. Setting business goals is just as important as setting personal goals. Over time your goals will change, they will conform to your current level of success, business needs, needs of the consumers, and personal desires in life. Adjusting your goals over time and frequently is all apart of the process. Some of the key steps in effective goal setting are;

  • Specifying your goals. Becoming very clear and detailed in what you want and how you are going to get there.

  • Optimism - staying positive and uplifting when creating your goals. Full heartedly believing you can achieve the goal you are setting in place for yourself and your business.

  • Setting realistic goals. If you set a goal to earn $75,000 a month when you've never earned that much in a year, that goal is unrealistic. Begin with small steps.

  • Set actionable goals. These are basically your commitment goals. The actions you are committing to taking each day to inch you closer and closer to your end result goals. For example, it is a lot easier for me to achieve the goal of going to the for gym 30 minutes, each day, for the rest of the week. Rather than losing 50 lbs by the end of the week. See where I am going here? Great! So get a piece of paper and pen out and let’s start making those goals.

#2 Create A System

Having a system in place assures that you stay organized and effective in your approach, regardless of whatever it is you are looking to achieve. When it comes to prospecting and working on gaining a strong consumer base foundation, it is important to develop a system in your approach. Below is an example of the type of prospecting/sales system I personally use within my own network marketing business;

  1. Make the connection. This is where I have started forming a connection with a person I can see at some point introducing my service, product, or opportunity here. This is NOT where I come flying out the gate with what I have to offer. I am just gaining a friend here.

  2. Peak interest. Throughout the process of building the connection and back-and-forth conversations, I have now peaked the interest with my prospect. They have now at this point asked something in regards to what I do, what I sell, what I use, etc.

  3. Point to a tool. In most, if not all network marketing companies, you have tools accessible to you to share more about your product, service or opportunity. These tools can be an informational group, video, virtual meeting, phone call, or event. This is your “TIME SAVER”. Don’t spend so much time explaining, explaining, explaining to every individual person. Allow the tools that are available to you to do the explaining for you.

  4. Follow-up. This is the most important step in my process. If I have gone through all the work in the previous 3 steps, why would I get to this point and fall short? You’re right, I wouldn’t. This is the point in which I reach back out to my prospect and ask them what they liked best about the tool I had directed to them. I now have a clearer understanding of what their interests are and what drives them based on their response.

#3 Sort Your Prospects

By now you have set and defined your goals and developed a system to work your business effectively, saving time. Now it is time to sort your work, efforts, and potential consumers/ business partners.

When you take the last step in your system, which I highly recommend is being the follow-up (before you close), you will be able to determine the interests of your prospects and what drives them. Your prospects will express interest in the product, service, opportunity, or no interest at all. And this is where we begin to sort your prospects in certain lists. I am an avid believer in list making. It is a great way to stay organized. By doing this you will now know where to spend most of your time. You won’t want to spend time on prospects that clearly have no interest in what you have to offer right? And if you have the goal for a large organization, then you may apply more of your time towards interested business partners. Maybe you have the goal of high production and sales. Then your focus will most likely be on closing the sales with prospects interested in becoming customers. Either way, the sorting process is the last and final step before you go to close the deal.


Defining our goals and what we are hoping to achieve in our business, understanding what we are to be doing and ultimately selling, creates a clear vision ahead. Tying all three of these steps together will, in turn, produce higher results. You will feel more organized. You will have developed a defined system allowing the time spent on your business to be more effective. You will also see that the number of people you are speaking with on a daily basis will increase because you are now sorting and applying your time where the time needs to be spent.

If you like what you read, comment below and show some love. If you are interested in getting clear on your goals and become laser focused on a system that works for you. Or are looking to remove limiting beliefs around self-worth and the ability to make money, and remove the fear of failures as a business owner or interested business owner, then please connect with me personally.