3 Ways To Get Unstuck In Your Business

Do you at times feel stuck in your business? Even defeated with not knowing the next steps to take? First off, I am here to tell you, you’re not alone. Being stuck is something many entrepreneurs face from time-to-time when growing their business. Something I am very familiar with myself.

This won’t develop into a large problem, especially when we know the actions to take to get unstuck. But, being stuck for a long period of time can be harmful to our success, and being stuck in leadership is detrimental to our influence.

This most likely stems from beliefs we have about ourselves--or a lack of belief in ourselves. Sometimes these beliefs come about because we have adopted them in hopes they would be helpful, but in time they've turned into obstacles. And this is where we find ourselves stagnant and the nasty feeling of worry sets in when we begin to think about our next moves.

If you’re struggling with the feeling of being stuck, it’s okay! Here are three strategies you can start applying today that will help.

  1. Strengthen Your Mindset

One of the roots to feeling stuck in our business is our negative self-talk and beliefs about ourselves and our business. I want you to take a moment and think back to the time you initially decided to venture down this entrepreneurial path. Do you remember? Remember how elated you were and how every time you mentioned it to anyone, your face glowed with optimism and excitement? What happened? Probably the fact that the honeymoon phase has ended and now you are fully engulfed into the monotony of day-to-day business.

Let’s be honest here. The excitement has slowed down because you’ve let it. You have stopped allowing yourself to be excited about all the steps forward, even when they are small. And those small steps backward? These are your learning lessons and part of your growth period. No successful person ever has told the story of how they just tripped and fell into success. NO! We hear their struggles, frustrations, upsets, and more that lead them to the success they have found today. So stop with the negative self-talk and get back to being excited and encouraging yourself again.

Positive thinking can help when you feel you can no longer persist. You can choose to get caught up in negativity, or you can decide to think positive thoughts and undertake positive action, just like you did in the beginning. You always have a choice!

2. Create Habits That Serve You

Oh, this is one of the steps I almost decided to swap out for another because I know it can be hard to hear. But I am not here to sugar coat anything right? Nope, so here we go…

Throughout our entrepreneurial journey we develop new roles in our business and at the same time develop new habits. It is most often times that these habits lead us to develop a “management mode” mentality developing similar work habits, rather than getting back to what we did when we started. Yea, I am back here again. Why? Because it’s important. When we have a new idea, new business, new outfit, or whatever, we are at an all-time high, doing things and acting in certain ways. It’s over time we lose the high and habits we initially had when we started.

So, let’s think back to the habits that created the initial push or the momentum you were so elated to be experiencing, that now seems lost. We’ve got to bring those back.

In order to create change, you don’t need to work harder or try to be more productive; you simply need to replace some of your habits with ones that better serve your vision. Pick one habit that you know isn’t serving your vision and replace it with one that you know will move your forward and commit to practicing that new habit for at least a month. Then, do it again every month for the next twelve and you’ll transform your life.

3. Lead with Value

A big lesson I had to personally learn was this. How people are not interested so much in what you do or what you offer, but how you do what you do and how what you offer is going to benefit them.

What if the stuff you gave away as part of your marketing was better than most people’s paid product or service? Your clients don’t really want your stuff; they want what they will get from your stuff. How will your product or service serve them better? What are the benefits they will see from using your product or service?

Your clients and potential clients are more interested in hearing the stories and reviews behind a product, service, or opportunity than they will about the actual facts of them all. Simply look for ways to be a greater opportunity for them to get what they want and you’ll represent value in the best sense.


I promise if you start making forward strides with these three strategies you will begin to see yourself slowly moving from feeling stuck to feeling secure in your forward progress. This is something you will have to revisit again because I sure have. And part of me is writing this blog is so I have this as a bookmark to reference and reflect on myself. Ha!

You can and will move past this season in your business and success. Keep your head high and start actively taking the steps necessary to break you free from the feeling of stuck’iness.


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