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Strengthen your brand positioning and scale your business using social media!

hi friend!

Nice to meet you. I'm Whitney, brand & social media specialist, host of Unomoss podcast,  course creator, and influencer marketing mentor/coach. 

Get ready to position your brand with success and turn your purpose into profit! It all starts with how you are showing up in your business. It's time for you to LEVEL UP, be intentional with your time, monetize your efforts, and learn to leveraging social media, and online space for your success.

I help female entrepreneurs gain clairity in their brand message, leverage social media for organic growth, scale social communities to profit, and implement simplified strategies for a thriving online business. 

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STOP feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, and at a standstill. 

START feeling confident, productive, and excited about your online brand & business!

What MY CLIENTS ARE Saying...

Whitney will give you way more value than you even think you need! Learn from her, put what you learn into action, and you'll yield results. Guaranteed!
Sara Reed
Whitney Kay is awesome at what she does. I just started working with her and I like how she listens for things that I am not quite saying to help me reach my business goals. If after speaking with Whitney you're not pumped to grind at your business, then I really don't know what else can get you going. I highly recommend Whitney Kay - The Social Savvy Influencer.
Lauren Morrison
Direct Seller
I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate your wisdom and insight because you have taken my business to new heights.
I stumbled across Whitney and so thankful that I did! I began a marketing business 6 months ago and figured how easy that would be to follow all of the others in the same business and succeed! Of course, that's how one does a marketing business! I thought I was creative and smart enough! LOL, well I am, but no way experienced enough to truly KNOW HOW to creatively and successfully WORK my new business. All of the rules have changed and now the internet is KING and Whitney is the QUEEN of guidance, support, design, creativity, knowledge, and so much experience! PRICELESS! Thank you, Whitney. I'm glad I was stumbling and found you!
Jackie Coufal

• Goal Setting
• Values + Mission
• Brand Identity
• Story Development
• Brand Messaging
• Audience Discovery
• Competition Analysis

• Brand Positioning
• Social Media Strategy
• Content Strategy
• Growth Strategy
• Sales Strategy

• Content Framework
• Brand Message Delivery
• Relationship Building
• Collaborations


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